Water Quality Testing Continues

In spite of the restrictions imposed by the COVID pandemic, LPSA (Lake Pleasant-Sacandaga Association) has continued the annual program of monitoring water quality in our lakes.  The dedicated team of Mark Donecker, Jim Olsen, Kim Lewis and Chris Wang collect water samples and conduct visibility tests every two weeks during July and August. 

The samples are sent to DEC’s labs under the CSLAP program (Citizen Statewide Lake Assessment Program) where they are analyzed for nutrient and chemical levels. It is reassuring that the calcium levels in the lakes throughout the Town of Lake Pleasant continue to be too low to support the growth of zebra mussels which protects us from an infestation  The CSLAP reports also identify the types of algae that are present in our lakes.  In fact, the DEC’s Annual Report classifies the lakes in the Town of Lake Pleasant with a rating of “AA” which is one of the highest levels of water quality awarded. 

LPSA will continue the monitoring of our lakes in an effort to ensure that they maintain their present excellent level of water quality.    


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