Collecting Family Generations Stories

By Lyn Van Druff

In recent communication with John Huber, I learned of the death of dearly loved Laurie Andrews from Sacandaga Lake and the history of her family and those surrounding family properties.  The discussion prompted further ideas on how to keep similar stories alive in the memory of the LPSA membership.  As a result, ‘GENERATIONS’, was born as a vehicle to keep these wonderful stories alive.  The plan is to acquire stories from the various multigenerational properties on each of our lakes regarding the purchase, development, and provenance of the properties and any anecdotal stories that might be of interest, and to then compile the stories and place on the “Members Only” section of our website under the same title.  Only LPSA members would be able to read the stories, after logging on with their password and going to the drop down menu with the title “Generations”.

Please feel free to share this with anyone who might be interested in contributing.  I am asking that you follow the brief form below so that we have accurate information regarding the contributor, property, and permission to include in this project.  Only those with the below information will be included, as we believe privacy an important aspect of any history.

Date submitted
            Contributors Name {s}
            Property Description and Location
            Provenance and Development
            Anecdotal Stories
            Permission to include on private section of website as part of LPSA ‘GENERATIONS’.

If you can also provide a photo of your camp, that would be a nice addition to your article on our website.  I have asked Jon and Nancy Tobiessen to assist in the compilation of this material.  Please send any questions and all contributions to the project to me, Lyn Van Druff @   We hope to have this compiled over the winter and up on the LPSA Members Only portion of the website by next summer.

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