Giant Hogweed Information

One of the most dangerous invasive species that threatens our area is the giant hogweed. This plant grows 10 to 12 feet high, and has a toxic sap that can cause a rash worse that that caused by poison ivy. Some people have been hospitalized with severe cases, and in some people the plant has caused blindness. The plant was found in Speculator in 2017, and employees from Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District office eradicated the infestation.

It would be great for every person in the area to be aware of this dangerous plant, and to know how to identify it. The Lake Pleasant – Sacandaga Association website contains web pages with information on various invasive plants and animals that are threats to our waters and woodlands. This information has just been updated with new information on the giant hogweed. Please take a few minutes to review this information.

Learn more: How to Control Giant Hogweed

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